An amazing Irishman in Malawi

As we head in to our sixth year in Malawi, we are constantly enthused and amazed by our very dear friend, Professor John Ryan, from Tipperary. He has spent over 30 years and is head of the Mathematics Department in the University of Mzuzu.
The fact that he is a priest from the Kilteegan order and might take one on a six hour round trip out into the bush to say Mass for a tiny community makes him even more endearing.
Besides heading up the maths department and managing priestly duties, he makes time for an enormous volume of community work, where we co operate on various bits when needed.
Today he sent the following:

Dear All

Thought of sharing the following: Have just chosen you guys as I feel you are the ones who will understand the following!

I am just about to go into our usual Tuesday evening Mass at the university on this the feast of the Conversion of St Paul.

It is becomming clearer and clearer to me every day that we all need a conversion like St Paul if this planet of ours is to flourish. We need to make that shift from thinking that the human person is at the center of everything to realising that we are just part of something much bigger and it does not make sense to separate ourselves from the bigger picture. There is no such thing as sacred and profane —its all sacred.

I now look forward to celebrating all of this with our students. in song and dance.



And then he will later drift into his Mathematical Coding. (his specialised field of maths)
What an inspiration

In the middle of nowhere where the roundtrip was almost a day!