Wells for Zoë is a small Irish humanitarian organisation. At present we are involved in wells and pumps for safe drinking water, rainwater harvesting, and small dams for water storage, in four rural areas of Malawi (see map). Set up in 2005, Wells for Zoë concentrates on low cost, small scale, appropriate and sustainable water technology.

Our aims are to:

Establish a competence in well drilling and pump installation;

Promote water storage in its many forms, by advising on simple technologies, in association with local Government staff, and providing low cost credit (or grants, when there is no other way forward);

Facilitate the local manufacture of the pumps, by building and equipping a small factory at SJOG, Mzuzu;

Train the local people, men and women, some of whom are clients of St. John of God’s, in the manufacture and maintenance of the pumps;

Promote the use of alternative irrigation methods and a better range of crops;

Empower people to help themselves, by using sample gardens in lands provided by the Chiefs;

Organise all projects within a local village management structure

e-mail, for further details and please sign the GUESTBOOK.

Please DONATE to Wells for Zoë – Water for Life.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. We would like to know more about you and your operations especially as a followup on the Software Auction you had.

    We were in touch with one of the auction contact, and offered our gratitude on behalf of the people of Malawi.

    I am the CEO & Managing Editor of the Online newspaper called Nyasa Times (www.nyasatimes.com)

    We would like to highlight your work in Malawi, so please get in touch via email.


    • We brought them to Tilbury docks outside London and sent them to Dar-es-Salaam on a Ro-Ro ferry.
      Four of our Malawian friends drove up and collected them, BUT we had to pay €3000 to the Malawi Government in tax!!
      One didn’t last too long when it blew the engine and we used it for parts.
      One, is is regular use and the third we patch together in emergencies.
      They have been great servants to us, rock solid, good 4×4 but very heavy on diesel which is scarce and very expensive in Malawi.
      Steerings are now very heavy, they have to be jump-started but they like tanks over the most awful roads, no tracks!!
      They can carry nine people which is the best part!
      http://www.flickr.com/photos/wellsforzoe/6792379411/in/set-72157629265496482/ This is one delivering piped and equipment for a new pump 3 km from Mzuzu, Northern Malawi. I will search for more

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