Roseanne Curtin - AOL

Wells for Zoe, chosen for award, by AOL

Meet the Winners of the Employee Cause Contest AOL

This year, we held our third annual Global Employee Cause Contest to recognize and further support our employees who are passionate about giving back – employees who have gone above and beyond to support the charity they are personally involved with.

During the first week of December, we invited employees from across the globe to submit their favorite non-profit for a chance to win a $5,000 grant in their name, to be donated to that organization. Not only did this give us an opportunity to further support our employees’ passions, but it was truly incredible to learn more about how AOLers are supporting their local communities throughout the year.

We saw a 44% increase in submissions this year, so the judging process was not an easy one! Our dedicated team of panelists judged the submissions based on the employee’s personal connection and level of commitment, expected future commitment and overall impact the $5,000 grant will have on the submitted organization.

We’re excited to announce the winners of this year’s contest – take a few minutes to read about your fellow employees and the incredible causes they care about:

Roseanne Curtin, Dublin, Wells for Zoe

W4Z is a small Irish charity that has a major impact in Malawi in Africa, providing clean and safe water. In the
past year they have installed 1,000 pumps that will provide clean water to over a quarter of a million people for 
life! Roseanne is very passionate about Wells for Zoe because she feels that each dollar truly goes a long
way. W4Z has a proven track record in delivering impressive results despite the fact that they are a small charity 
that receives no government funding and relies completely on small private donations. The $5,000 grant will
provide up to 10,000 people with clean water for life or send 50 girls to secondary school – this makes a
phenomenal difference in their lives, the lives of their children and in their communities. Roseanne has been 
involved with the organization for several years, helping spread the word about the charity and increase overall
awareness around the organization. Last year, Roseanne joined the W4Z board, has proactively lead donation
drives and is researching an app to help fundraise through online book sales! Roseanne also hopes to coordinate an engagement opportunity around World Water Day in 2014.

The two other  winners were:

Rob Lazorchak, Dulles
Johns Hopkins Pediatric Cardiology unit for Hayden’s Heart Heroes

Kurt Freytag, San Francisco
Peralta Parents & Teachers Association