$10 gives a family of 10 clean water

Thank You for Caring
$10 gives a family of 10 clean water and changes their lives forever

You may be thinking how can it cost so little? WELL!!
Wells for Zoë is a small, Irish, voluntary organisation, where the founders pay all expenses, so 100% of all donations is put to work.
Their simple, sustainable hand-pump is made by Malawians in their factory in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi, for less than $40.
The villagers dig the wells, make and build the bricks and supply all labour, while W4Z supply the pump, cement and pipes, so the total cost of a village well and pump is about $200.
The average number of villagers using a well is over 200, SO the cost per person is less than a buck.

The most exciting and important part of the story is that the women in the villages have learned to maintain the pumps, so that they continue to work day after day, year after year, pushing out the purest of water from up to 25 metres deep. In 2012 they enabled over 100,000 poor, remote, villagers to have clean, safe drinking water. We are planning to do the same in 2013.
By donating, you can be a vital part of this amazing achievement in 2013.

They see that when a well is installed in a village, girls return to school, women have time and begin small businesses, people are no longer too sick to work, gardens are watered and food supply becomes more reliable. This means that health is better and children grow up to achieve more The cycle of poverty is broken. Lives change forever.

Clean water just changes everything. But strangely having access to clean water isn’t an end, it’s a beginning, a whole new beginning.Women come together in small self-help groups to talk, discuss and learn. They learn to save some money and how to borrow from the group. Without any external financial input, they develop their small businesses, have money to pay school fees, buy uniforms and medicines and do impossible things as if they were normal.

For the past eight years Mary and John Coyne have lived half their time with these women, inspiring, educating and challenging them to empower themselves, where every story begins with clean water. They encourage them to dream their dreams and support their plans.

Every one dollar counts, so DONATE what you won’t miss, but what they will never forget.


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