Maria Banda from Malawi

Christmas 2012

To all my friends in Ireland, who support Wells for Zoe.

Thank you for Changing my life

I’m happy because:

Our family has clean water close to our house.

I go to school every day and Gogo Mary said I will qualify for Secondary school next year, if I continue to work hard.

I want to be a nurse like Alepha and Gogo Mary will help me.

This year we started a Self Help Group in our village. My mother and the other women meet each week, save money and lend to each other, do small business and life is much better. They worked with Wells for Zoë as part of a cluster.

 So we have 64 pumps working all the time, 15 preschools and citrus trees. Now everyone can grow soya, Irish potato, beans, cassava  and sweet potato, so no one has to be hungry.

My father said we got no help from any NGO. John tells us that we have to do things for ourselves and all my friends agree. We want to succeed and if we all work together we will.

Next Year we plan to have a chicken for Christmas.

I will be happy this Christmas and you should be too.

Maria Banda. Age 12. 25km from Mzuzu.

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