People who support us

For as long as I can remember, the Salesian Sisters, in Bawnogue and elsewhere have been anything from close and very dear friends, to guardian angels, spiritual role models, guiding lights, mentors, supporters and generally an inspiration.

Occasionally I google Wells for Zoe, to see whet we are up-to and tonight I found this, and I’m humbled:

Earth Watch

The newly-formed Cosmology group took a plunge into deep waters on Saturday, December 3rd last. . Our Provincial house welcomed a group of seventeen who took part in a day of reflection and sharing on one of nature’s great gifts – water.

The day included creative movement, acknowledging the creator of the cosmos and our position in it. Meditation and input followed linking in to the Christian Churches and how they proclaimed and preserved the scenes of Christ’s life dealing with water. In particular the Baptism of Christ by John the Baptist was shown to be of great significance.

While sharing, one of the teachers from Bawnogue, Denise, mentioned Wells for Zoe,an Irish humanitarian organisation involved in creating wells for safe drinking water set up by John and Mary Coyne. Denise had given some time working with this organisation in Malawi. The Cosmology group and the Kilmacud community had already decided that they would make a contribution to this organisation and were delighted that Denise could share some of her experience of working with Wells for Zoe.

following lunch Brid facilitated a workshop using clay and all were invited to create a container for water.

A lovely closing ritual with water followed where each one blessed their neighbour and sent a blessing to the whole world.


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