New Mothers

Thursday 26 April 2012: New Mothers

Mary and the crew set off today to visit three hospitals in Mzuzu having sorted about 100 kg of baby clothes from Ireland. She also had a considerable quantities of antibiotics and painkillers contributed by pharma companies with the help of Dr Paddy Feeney, who volunteered with us in 2009.
The first port of call was the Maternity Ward in Mzuzu Central Hospital where many of the newborns have very little clothes. The biggest thank you was from a young couple had just delivered twins and the double dose of clothes and blankets was so gladly received especially by the Granny. The Mzuzu health Clinic, with whom we have a close relationship through our birthing Centre was next and finally the St John of God house of hospitality from where the request for medical supplies came. All Malawi hospitals have run short of vital medical supplies following an era of very poor governance or so I’m told. praying for better times for Malawi from the new President Joyce Banda
All in all a great day’s work, but just another day in the life of Wells for Zoe.
Most organisations get a full page newspaper spread for this, but we have many calls on our time and after all we’re just small fry in the NGO world.
The pic shows two happy mothers with new blankets and clothes.


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