Water for Life Album. TheCelebrityCafe.com review

Water for Life Album

We still love it

JC Chute
Wells For Zoe: Water For Life is a folk and Celtic music fan’s dream bringing together a treasure trove of singer-songwriters from various walks of music on one CD, which represents their individual and collective talents at their very best.

There are numerous highlights here, from the sweet, yet slightly formulaic “I Find Your Love” by Beth Nielsen Chapman, to the haunting refrain of “Wading Deep Waters” by Crooked Still. But by far, the definitive track is “Muddy Water” by Heidi Talbot. It’s so strikingly beautiful in its simplicity that it will stay with you long after the notes of the song have faded away.

Compiled to bring attention to the cause of providing clean drinking water and a sustainable living environment to the population of Northern Malawi, “Wells for Zoe” is a wonderfully realized album from a “dream team” of consummate musicians. But don’t take my word for it. If you get the chance, by all means pick it up and see for yourself!
Reviewer Rating: 5.00Stars


One thought on “Water for Life Album. TheCelebrityCafe.com review

  1. Great review! I did an internship with The CelebrityCafe sister travel website a few years ago…have not heard of them much since though!

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