making porridge

Making Porridge

making porridge
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This is an area called Kadambo. Less than a year ago we started helping the community here to set up a preschool. Mary brought most of the community, men and women on board and gave all training on the value of preschool education. The caregivers got one week of training and a weekly visit from our roaming headmaster. We did provide some books and rudimentary equipment, but they do it all themselves, and with very little help they have become very resourceful. It is a wonderful place, this rented church. They are now putting in foundations for a new building which will double as a preschool and an Adult Education centre. It’s amazing what this Bottom Up initiative can achieve, and maybe a new term might be coined, Inclusive Development. Why is the World imposing Top Down initiatives, that continue to fail.
These are the porridge ladies who built their own kitchen and have their rota.
The porridge consists of maize flower, soya, groundnuts, sugar and salt. we are working to reduce the sugar and salt content: not easy!!


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