Walk a million steps for water

With funding tight and so much to be done we have copied a fundraising idea and called it walk a million steps, firstly to raise some funds but also to raise awareness of the millions of women and girls who trudge needlessly for miles every day to collect dirty water.
We are hoping people some people will come on board to knock off a few of these million steps and give us even a little money.
Every Euro will take one person off this walking list by giving them clean, safe drinking water. Yes Water for Life for just One Euro per person
In Northern Malawi villagers dig wells up to 20 metres deep, make and build the bricks, collect the sand and stones and supply all the labour. We make our simple plastic handpump in our factory, which we give along with the pipes and cement. The total cost is less that 150 Euro and the bump serves between 50 and 500 of the poorest villagers.
The bonus is that our pump fas few wearing parts and if anything goes wrong the women in the village can fix it using three nails. The spare parts mostly needed after years of use are two rubber discs made from the inner tube of a bicycle.
Can you walk a few steps, get someone to sponsor you,and donate.
100% of the donation we get goes directly to the water project, no deductions, no expenses, zero costs. The founders pay all that stuff.
Up and down the stairs for a week is probably 1000 steps.You could be the difference as


2 thoughts on “Walk a million steps for water

  1. Great idea guys! Some friends and I have signed up for the run-a-muck challenge (I think its a 10km cross country race) and I think wells for zoe would be a great cause, so expect some moola from me/my fundraising efforts come March! Will also write a nice blog post about it to try get a bit of good promotion for you guys:)

    • Thanks Janet,
      You are a real star.
      Towards the end of 2011 we started a project with groups (20 in each) of amazing women.
      Early last year they began a (Self Help)savings and loan scheme with no input from us except
      advice and encouragement. If we do the financial jargon, they now have loan books, lending to
      each other which have totally blown us away, by doing small business as they call it. No banks, Bureaucrats
      We work with them initially on clean water, (progress only comes after the drinking water is sorted) preschools, adult education and conservation farming. Our plan is to impact 150,000 over the next 3 years (don’t worry too much about numbers) of the poorest villagers. The focus and driving force will be the women, but men will naturally involve themselves.
      It is very much a bottom up approach where communities supply all labour and local materials.
      The initial response and results are amazing. The funding needed will be minimal compared to the return. 100% of all donations to Wells for Zoe (as alwys)go to the projects, as we the founders,pay all expenses.
      After all that, anything you can raise would be so appreciated as would promotion on your blog.
      We are waiting for a new (updated) website to begin the campaign which is open ended.
      Good luck with all the action.
      Looking forward to new stories

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