President blames Satan for Malawi’s woes

From the Malawi, Daily Times.

Monday, 26 December 2011 11:57                                  

By:  Madalitso Musa

Blaming Satan as the mastermind of the problems the country is facing, President Bingu wa Mutharika has in his Christmas message urged Malawians to be patriotic, peaceful, forgiving and united.

“The year 2011 that is drawing to a close. A number of positive development activities happened even though we had some problems; but God never stopped loving us. I know the devil has failed because this year he sat on our back.

“The devil brought problems, jealousy, hatred, lies and envy that we have never experienced in this country and the whole world, but God told him that this is not your time so the devil has failed, God has triumphed,” said Mutharika.

In his Christmas and New Year’s message to the nation the President said with Satan being responsible for casting bad spells of jealousy, hatred and lies on Malawi, the country faced a number of challenges citing the prevailing fuel and forex shortages.

He said his administration is formulating strategies of addressing the twin problem of fuel and forex shortages.

The President asked Malawians to unite in supplication so that God should intervene in solving the problems that this country is facing while government is working hard to find lasting solutions to the problems.

“Realising the problems we have about fuel and forex, I want to assure you that government is spending restless days and nights finding solutions to find fuel and forex so that we lessen these problems and they should end. In the near future we shall be explaining to you different ways that will make sure that issues of forex and fuel should be over once and for all.

“Our prayer should be; God the creator when you bless other countries do not pass by Malawi. When you bless other nations in the whole world do not pass by Malawi. This should be our prayer. This should be a prayer that will unify us Malawians,” appealed Mutharika.

He called on Malawians to get rid of a dependence syndrome and realise that Malawi is a sovereign state that must not always rely on foreign influence and support for its development projects.

“We need to be independent and not rely on foreign influence because when we gained independence in 1964 we accepted that we will be self reliant. We should do our developments that will be good for Malawians not foreigners,” he said.

He further bemoaned the practice of some Malawians who go abroad to speak ills about the country saying this is detrimental to development.

“It is a very bad habit for someone holding a Malawian passport with a Malawian stamp going abroad and start saying Malawi is a bad country yet he lives in Malawi. Doing that is not building Malawi, but destroying it,” he said.

The President wished the nation a prosperous festive season and the new year and expressed hope that this year’s intermittent rains will normalise so that Malawi experiences bumper harvest next year.

“We will see in Malawian many developments and we will have peace more than what we had in 2011.we will receive blessings that God will give Malawi.

He concluded his speech by advising Malawians to embrace the spirit of forgiveness, non-discrimination and patriotism.

Mutharika urged all road users to ensure that this festive season is accident free.


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