A positive comment on what we try to do!

A friend sent me this link to an article in the Guardian.
from Nicholas Watt, chief political correspondent, guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 19 October 2010.
The substance of the article is as it is, the way things are, but a letter of comment is interesting!!
I don’t know the author but it goes as follows:

20 October 2010
My point is not to necessarily to do nothing but do not give cash to the Big Men of Africa. If you really want to see how much good aid does just come & work here. I can tell you the lives of the rural people who make up 80% of the population of Malawi has not been improved by aid. They never get to see any. What seems to work here is skilled professionals coming in from developed nations to build the skills or the infrastructure at the local level. Sustainable development that does not cost millions of pounds. For example, a great Irish charity Wells for Zoe, volunteers come over and, with the villagers dig a well, supply a basic low mantainence pump that can be looked after by the community = clean water, better health for the whole village, a project done by the local people with the skilled assistance of the volunteers. No huge 4×4 or $5,000 a month paychecks (yes thats what some of international NGO guys are earning) no living in huge houses with swimming pools & a staff.
I recently was asked to attend Palliative care awareness which I was told was funded by the Princess Diana fund, the guys who attended the training I was at had fuel paid, hotel bills (Sunbird only $125 a night) & were all given 5,000 MK (£20) for attending (they were also getting their salary from the Ministry of Health for the 2 days they were in here). Twenty people attended, half traveled 500 kms tto be here. The fuel in a 4×4 will cost about £200 so just do the maths, how much of the funding is being spent on actually delivering palliative care to the dying in this country. Its the grass roots nurses who need the education/training in service delivery but those that attended were all Principals of nursing colleges, nurse managers, MoH people. In September, they attended an inter Africa palliative care conference in Namibia, air fares, hotel bills, food and seating allowances (per diems) all paid for by the Princess Diana fund, do you think any of these talk shops ever bring changes to the care of cancer or HIV patients in rural communities????? I get so sick of the waste of money & yes people in poor countries do work as hard as people in UK but that is not a reason to waste Western tax payers money on Jets, Mercedes Benz’s, Hummers for Presidents & Ministers is it???? There are no simple solutions I agree but to keep giving money constantly to corrupt governments is also not a solution.


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