1 Billion people don’t have clean water, should Enda Kenny resign?

From: Cassie Delaney, DIT

As fear of a national water shortage loomed, many a panicked Paddy Irishman filled every accessible pot, pan and pint glass with water.

“Emergency supplies” sat on counter tops around the concerned country. The fear was evident in supermarkets nationwide, in a crisis that may go down in history as the “Battle for Ballygowan.”

Frank McDonald, Environmental Editor of the Irish Independent wrote about being in “the grip of a water crisis”.

Fortunately, this country has only seen a fraction of the harrowing effects of water shortage. For the people of Malawi, the access to safe water is a daily struggle.

Next month, a small group of 15 DIT students will travel to Malawi with Wells for Zoe. The group, led by Elaine Bolger and Liam Stewart, was selected after an application and interview process in early December.

Wells for Zoe is a small Irish humanitarian organisation. Set up in 2005, the organisation concentrates on low cost, small scale, appropriate and sustainable water technology.

Wells for Zoë strives to offer the people of Malawi a hand up rather than a hand out. With this belief, the charity has invested funds in building a water pump factory in Mzuzu. Continuous efforts are being made by the charity to train locals in pump manufacturing and installation.

Without pumps, women and children are forced to walk for hours in search of a clean water supply. A local water supply benefits community as children are free attend school and the women will have more time to tend and irrigate the much-needed crops.

On March 22nd, DIT and Wells for Zoe will be supporting World Water Day with a H2O walk. The international observance of World Water Day is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.

H2O walks occur globally, but have failed to build support in Ireland. This year Wells for Zoe will be promoting a walk from Heuston Station to The O2 music venue. The aim of the walk is to highlight the efforts made by women globally, each day, as they strive to access clean water. The march will be promoted around colleges closer to the date.

For more information regarding the march or Wells for Zoe contact Elaine at elaine@bamsoc.com


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