H2O Walk for life

H2O Walk (Walk for Water, Walk for Life)

What: A 5k Walk
Where: From Heuston Station Dublin to the O2 Music venue
When: Monday, March 22nd between 11.00 and 3.00. We will begin walking at 12.00

Make a Donation!!

Other important info:

Wear yellow or national dress or let me know what size T-shirt you would like by e-mailing elaine.bolger@gmail.com. The T-shirts have the walk for water logo and can be bought for €10. I need to know at least 2 weeks before our walk.

Bring plain plastic bottle to be filled with Liffey water! Or e-mail me to let me know to bring one for you. They will be available for purchase (€1) and you can paint your bottle yellow before our walk.


In celebration of World Water Day 2010, taking place on the second day of spring, H2O WALK FOR WATER is to be a 5K walk happening on Monday March 22 at 12.00 in Dublin. Please join us for this very fun walk for a great cause! It’s a symbolic walk from a place beginning with “H” (Heuston Station) to a place beginning with “O” (O2), mirroring the daily trek taken by millions of women and children around the globe in order to simply access the water their family needs to survive; this water is often unsafe to drink. The intention of this gesture is to increase awareness of such problems in the lesser developed world, as well as to remind people that our own water supplies are under threat from pollution, over-exploitation and climate-change. A secondary goal of this event is to attempt to raise the money needed to dig wells and supply pumps, in one of the most needy areas of the world, Northern Malawi. Every euro raised will give Water for Life to some of the poorest and most neglected people, which in turn will present them with much needed opportunities to improve their lives. Any donation online would be great or you could sponsor a walker, remembering that every single Euro counts.

H2O Walk

http://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-is-it-between.htm tells us that the walk is 4.235 Km or for the metrically challenged 2.632 miles, as the crow flies, so for mere mortals its about 5km


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