Gig at the Button Factory

One of the amazing aspects of Wells for Zoe, is our support. We have support from people we don’t know and some of whom we have never met. The following mail comes from the latter, someone who has given us huge money over the past few years. He is Gearóid O’Dea and I would love if millions of you could support his gig on December 9 at 1.30pm in the Button Factory
He writes
Hi John,
Gearoid here, we are back in business for a gig in the Button Factory on the 9/12/09. Hopefully we’ll sell as many tickets as possible, which leads me to ask you if you would mind promoting us at any chance you can get, be it on the web or in interview etc. Here are the details and I hope all of the work is going really well. P.A.L.M. charity gig 9/12/09. Come one, come all it’s time for another excellent night and the best part, it’s for a good cause. This time we venture to the Button Factory on the 9th of December. With generous acts using their time to do something great including ‘The Chapters’, ‘Killer Chloe’,’Lorcan Mak’, and ‘Tongue and Cheek’ with others to be confirmed. Tickets cost €10. Doors open at 10:30pm. The proceeds are going to Wells for zoe ( as usual, and we cant wait to see their great work, helping people lives grow towards a higher standard of living and clean drinking water. Go on, have a great night for charity.

Cheers Gearoid.
gearoid o dea []


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