More School Support

Another group of volunteers hoping to make a massive impact again are the post Leaving Cert group from Black College, called the Rock Outreach 2009. Last year, two groups, totalling 45 boys and 22 parents spent the month of August with us. The boys caused a big stir among the local males of a similar age in their ability and willingness to do all the hard work like digging fish ponds!! No self respecting Malawian male would be seen dead doing such menial tasks; a type of work which is only for women.
Three teachers, head of IT, head of sport and the school Matron, from Bishop’s Stortford College in Cambridge, Hertfordshire, UK are coming to do a few weeks with us in early July, to see how they can help. This is a large and expensive public school, catering for 4 to 18 year old boys and girls, boarders and day students, and we are delighted to be associated with them.
And finally, Wootton Basset School, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK are working on a fundraising project for their Year 9, called every child counts. They are planning to help feed the orphans in our new daycare centre, called Áras Kate, in Mzuzu City, where the numbers of little ones, on roll is now in excess of 420!!
The sad story is that the more who come, the poorer they seem to be, as indicated by their lack of clothing and general health. Urban poverty seems much worse than that found in the villages.
Our sincere thanks to Julie Windley and Hester McGunn for finding us through our website:


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