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Malawi 06.01.09 012

Originally uploaded by wellsforzoe

Mines is a winner.
From all the thousands of pictures uploaded to last week, this pic taken by Harisen scooped top spot.

Tuesday 6 January 2009 : Mines in the Banana Leaves
This little girl, Mines, is Benidicto’s daughter one of our workers and villagers in the Lusangazi vegetable farm.
She is full of what we call devilment. She is perpetual motion and enjoys life to the full.
With temperature in the mid twenties, she is sheltering in the banana leaves.
Last time I saw her, I was bringing her to hospital with malaria. She is so bright and cute.

The notification came as follows

Monday 12 January 2009 : Blip Of The Week

Hi Blippers!

Doesn’t the week just whiz round?

It’s that time again, when we try and pick out a Blip you might have missed. Well here it is: Blip of the Week by Harisen at Wells for Zoë.

This little charmer has made everyone at Blipcentral smile and serves as another reminder of the amazing insights we get on Blip every day. Try and catch up with as many of their Blips as you can, and see the difference a small group people can make. Inspiring stuff.

Harisen deserves this award for persistence alone as sometimes it takes two hours to send a picture: such is the poor state of of the internet service in Mzuzu.
We are all delighted with the recognition.

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