A Malawi Christmas Wish

In wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a rewarding New Year, we include
what has become our own card for the past two years. It doesn’t have the star or the mud hut,
but there is something of the Christmas miracle about it.
A young woman accepting what God had given her, willingly, as Mary did.
Lack of proper housing.
A new baby.
and a world that doesn’t care.
May God bless you all.
And as a friend sent from the US in a recent email:
May the birth of Jesus, be the reason for the Season.

This is Lincy Longwe who lives in the remote rural village
of M’Bama, Mzgora, which is 25 miles north east of Mzuzu, Malawi.
She is 31, married to Charles, with four children:
Alic (10), Cryness (6), Virginia (3), and Racheal (1), pictured.
When I asked what she would like in return for the use of her picture she replied,
with some hesitancy, “cement for my floor”. And for yourself? She smiled, “a blanket would be nice”.
Good news! She now has clean water from the new village pump.
She is also delighted with her concrete floor and two new blankets.
Her Christmas prayer for you is in her native Timbuka language:

“Chiuta Wam’dangihrani Mu Vyose Ivgo Mukuchita
Ndipo Wave Namwe Pa Hyengo Iyi Ya Christmas”

“May God Guide You In Everything You Do And Be
With You During This Christmas And Always”


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