Mother to the Maasai

Email from UK, from a truly amazing woman, and family
Great to get your newsletter with updates from Malawi.
John Holloway from CED (Christian Engineers in Development) who lives near us, has done a proposal for gravity pipe lines for Irkeepusi. I mentioned in our Christmas card that it comes to £210,000 for the 4000 people and 20,000 livestock, because so many storage tanks are needed. We wondered whether we need to plan for so much water as the Maasai only use about 10 litres a day at present, and this would not increase much because they would probably still use streams to wash clothes and water some of their livestock. John said 40 litres per person per day is the Tanzanian governments recommendation, although Kenya and some other countries recommend only 30 litres. This is what he has used in his calculations.
I am attaching his estimates to see what you think?
Love to you all

She uses all her own money.
Can anyone help out.


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