Orphan Day Care Centre

some of the 200

some of the 200

Light Airy Building

Light Airy Building

Orphan Care (from early October)

Up to now we have avoided things like HIV / AIDS and Orphan care because the world is already spending millions already and one assumes that serious progress is being made. (Now comes the however)!!
However in recent times our views have changed and we now feel we can support the communities, where we work, by applying low cost community to community support.
Our orphan care in villages involves supporting the carers, schools and communities by enabling them to produce more appropriate foods for their diet thereby allowing the ARV’s to work more efficiently. This approach leaves the children in their community, allows them to retain their land rights and supports their community as well. In this way orphans prove to be an asset rather than a liability.
The long term plans for the site are to include a two classroom day care centre, a little enterprise centre for anyone with business ideas, a night shelter for the women and children who inevitably will be chased, a small garden, a well for water.
Depending on the support we get, we could have an early start nursery school, with paid staff, up to date, appropriate books, and better food for the children.
We are told that the women support all this work at the moment from a honey business: they have about 50 hives in the forest about 60km away, collecting and selling the honey and making candles from the wax.
Improved extraction methods and a little simple technology will help with efficiency and profit. So, as they say, we are on it!!!. All our work will be for the community not the group and Naturally we will monitor the integrity of the group, and if we find that they have been dishonest, we are out of there as quickly as we cameEstimates of the orphan population in Malawi range between 950,000 and 1.2 million children under 18 who have lost one or both parents. At the present time it is estimated that less than one-third of these children receive any supportive care from public or NGO social services.
These figures are bewildering and make little sense, but when you see one or two hundred hungry kids, close up, then, you have a real dilemma. So don’t just feel guilty, do something about it. But for an accident of birth, they could be yours.


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