There is great hope for the world

While the financial world, Wall street and the stockmarkets are falling apart, in a quiet corner of the US, a small church community are thinking of the less fortunate of our global brothers and sisters.
Driven by love rather than greed they are planning to help the poorest of the poor, thousands of miles away, in Northern Malawi,to have clean water to drink.
What a lovely message of hope.
Who are these people?. Look then up at:

Sept 11, 2008

Hello from Fremont, Wisconsin in the USA.

I belong to a small country church in a small village and we are saving the little aluminium rings from soda cans for a place that families can stay at while one of their family members is in the hospital.
Another member and I said that we would like to save the rest of the cans to build a well in another country.
We have decided that Wells For Zoe is kind of what we are looking for. Tonight I have to appear before the church board to make a report.
We have $1000.00 pledged so far and I’m sure that once we get the word out to our congregation the cans and money will be coming in.
Yours In Christ,
Melvin Maierhafer, Box 115 Fremont, WI 54940, USA

Sept 15, 2008

Dear John,
Just a note to let you know what is happening at our church. The meeting went very well and the church council approved our request to support Wells for Zoe. We will announce it at this Sunday service.
We have received the $1000.00 and are starting a separate account at the bank so all the money that we collect will go into this fund. We decided that we will disperse the money quarterly with the first one just in time for Christmas.
So that you may know our congregation a little ,you can go to our web site and the churche’s email address is We hope that we will make a difference in people’s lives.
Yours in Christ,


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