Lusangazi farm - sweet potato, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, beans, strawberries and broccoli

Lusangazi Farm

This is our six acre farm in Lusangazi, purchased in December 2007.
Our plan is to use it to produce open pollinated seeds for distribution to our villagers.
We already produce fruit tree seedlings. The fruits are Mango, Paw paw, Avacado, Lemons, Tangerine, Oranges, Apples and Pears.
The latter two are very experimental having brought the root stock and scion wood fron Irish Seedsavers in Scariff, County Clare.
We have a big push on Lemons as they give us great root stock on which we grow improved varieties of lemon, tangerine and orange. The propagation is by budding and our, man on the job, Binna is a real expert.
We have recently moved into the area of HIV / Aids using small community support as our approach. We bring people, who have disclosed their problem and are getting on with their lives, from an area where the approach is developed to speak to and assist newer groups. It may not be altogether novel, but it works for us. We then add a community garden to improve diet and that’s where the fruit comes in. Looks like the ARV drugs are seriously more effective when combined with a balanced diet: the vegetables help the diet with the vitamins coming from the fruit. This program comes as a byproduct of our other work in villages.
The project in Lusangazi is run by paid workers. From a standing start, I am amazed at how much they have all learned in the nine months. They are now organised and have got into planning. They record and research and things will only get better.
The picture shows sweer potato, coliflower, cabbage, peas, beans, strawberries and broccoli.
The newer areas have about twenty varieties of vegetable under scrutiny, with the objective of multiplying our seed numbers.
This new village could be one to watch. An all Malawi project!


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