Irish Army Jeeps to Malawi

This battle is almost at a close. The three jeeps arrived in Dar es Salaam on Sunday last, and are being processed at the moment. We hope to have them through by Thursday, having paid a myraid of charges:
*Port Chrges for 3 units (statury chges) usd 489.50
*Delivery Order fees (statury chrges) usd 35.00
*Mandatory customs surcharges for loaded units/non refundable usd 300.00
*Agency fees usd 285.00
*insurance /plate nos/triangles usd 120.00
(Copied from the Agent’s mail )
Harisen will bring three drivers the 1200 km to DES and hopefully they will return with the three precious transporters. We have a trailer bolted on to one roof and as many used school books, stuffed inside, as we could fit, with spares and tools.
The final hurdle comes when the Malawi Revenue Authority, will extract their margin. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.


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