2009 Election Preparations

Police demolish UDF podium, Muluzi arrives
Josh Ashaz 08 June, 2008 02:56:00 Nyasa Times Report
Muluzi and Chakuamba arrivess to address mamoth crowds
Malawi police in the commercial city of Blantyre defied a High Court order not to interrupt the political rally organised by opposition UDF by demolishing a podium in Ndirande Township.
However, the UDF and alliance presidential candidate Dr Bakili Muluzi has arrived at the venue of the rally in the open yellow land rover accompanied by New Republican Party (NRP) president Gwanda Chakuamba, Malawi Democratic Party (MDP) president Kamlepo Kalua and Ralph Kasambara.
Speaking to Nyasa Times, UDF secretary general Kennedy Makwangwala said despite the police intimidation people are geared to listen to man who is geared to capture the presidency in eleven months time.
“Though they have destroyed the platform and intimidated our supporters, we are going ahead with the meeting,” said Makwangwala, adding that Dr Muluzi will to address the rally from a makeshift podium.
Muluzi through his lawyers had filed papers with the high court in Blantyre on Friday after police denied UDF and its alliance partners authorisation to stage rallies in Ndirande.
However, Justice Haeley Potani of High court ruled on Saturday that police could not ban the opposition presidential candidate rally.
He ordered the political rally to be allowed and that the police, army or any state machinery should not interrupt.


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