Wells for Zoe – Water for Life

Who is Zoe?
Some of the first questions everyone asks about our charity Wells for Zoe is “where did we get the name?” and “who is Zoe?” I tell them about the Canzee pump and about the first morning I met Sue and Richard (the man behind the pump). Zoe, their only daughter, was involved in tragic accident that took her young life. Poignantly, the name Zoe means “life”.
We were so taken by the story that Wells for Zoe could be the only name.
Now we have another link. Sue has published a wonderful book of poems, called Hope Sparkles, which will be available in the next few weeks. All proceeds go to Wells for Zoe Projects.

Zoe’s Mother, Sue
Sue Cansdale grew up in the small country village of Hartburn in Northumberland.
A happy, care-free childhood spent helping on farms with lambing, shearing and hay-making, engendered an awareness of birth, death and regeneration as part of the natural rhythm of life.
She studied for a BA in Graphic Design and travelled the world in her summer vacations before marrying and settling at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire with her husband Richard, where their two children were born.
In 1977 the family returned to Sue’s beloved Northumberland where she taught Art at King Edward VI School, Morpeth and indulged her passion for restoring old buildings, while Jamie and Zoë, were growing up. A close and loving family, the death of Zoë in a road accident, aged 22, in 1998 changed all their lives forever. Zoë’s fulfilled wish to be an organ donor brought
comfort and a new focus.
It was only in 2003 while searching for a way forward, that Sue discovered the power of poetry to express her own thoughts.
Hope Sparkles is Sue’s first collection. Sue is a beacon of courage and grace. It’s great to be able to support this work to help an excellent charity.

Zoe now lives in another dimension which is animated in distant areas of Northern Malawi. A song, on our new album to be released in June, written and performed by Karine Polwart, called Dig a little Well for Zoe expresses how this award winning Scottish songwriter feels about where Zoe does her work now.

Donations and Ordering more books

Copies of the following books can be ordered from:
Legacy of Life, The Baker’s Chest, Hartburn,
Morpeth, NE61 4JB
Phone 01670 772214

Hope Sparkles Poems by Sue Cansdale – ISBN-978-0-9553767-1-9 £4.50 or more (P+P £1)
Please make cheques payable to ‘Wells for Zoë’.

Transforming Lives including DVD – a collection of inspirational personal stories by Organ Donor Families, Recipients of Transplants and Medical Professionals working in Transplantation.
Donations of £10 will enable more copies to be printed.(P+P inc.)
Please make cheques payable to ‘Legacy of Life’.


2 thoughts on “Wells for Zoe – Water for Life

  1. i read on your site that a Sinead O’ Connor track has been recorded to benefit World Water Day. I would like to support this effort and purchase the track or the CD. Can you instruct me on how i might be able to do this please?

    Keep up the great work!

    best regards,

    Justin Wicker

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