Driving to Mzuzu. Well!!

The jeeps donated by the Irish Army are finally on their way, after a few false starts. As a result of Logistical and Revenue considerations, we have booked them on a May 5 sailing from Sterness Port in the UK to Dar es Salaam, a trip which takes 35 days, with a planned arrival date of June 10. When they have cleared port they will be driven the 1200km to Mzuzu.
Our final decision to opt for Ro-Ro was made as a result of a meeting with the Irish Ambassador, Liam McGhabann and Brian O’Brian of the Embassy, in Lilongwe on our recent visit.
Of course we will again come into contact with the Malawi Revenue Authority and pay the duty at the Tanzanian border, but that’s all in a day’s work.
First we have to get them to London!
Any assistance or sponsorship would be very welcome at this point.


2 thoughts on “Driving to Mzuzu. Well!!

  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a Malawian journalist interested to know how many Irish army jeeps were donated to Malawi, there cost, when they had left Irelan and they are expected to get to Malawi.

  2. Please if possible also send me information of other projects that Ireland is pumping into Malawi and their costs because these are projects that will make a difference in my country, I report for The Guardian newspaper in Lilongwe which has a slogan of ‘Safeguarding Human Rights and Development’ my contct is 265 09144345

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