Canzee pump is a big hit in Nepal

This mail is from Hendrik Botha, who is one of a group of Irish Volunteers with have a mission in Nepal and which includes my Lucan neighbour Philip Larragy.

Just back from Nepal on Saturday and first day back in the office today, so I hope this brief mail finds you well. Once again I wish to express my thanks to you for all your assistance to date. I am pleased to report that your pumps have been received with great enthusiasm and I believe that you will be hearing from a Nepalese brother and engineer based in Kathmandu, Bijay Gurung, in the near future. He has indicated a keen interest in the development of the project to provide clean drinking water, particularly through the use of the Canzee pump. Conservative estimates claim 600,000 tube-wells are currently operating in Nepal! There is a huge latent demand! Current metal pumps and wells cost roughly €100. Bijay believes that a locally produced pump could well be a very viable prospect and that the Canzee is a superior product to the traditional well & pump system.

Furthermore, the well-jetting technique was demonstrated in theory and small-scale in bucket with pipes & hose pipe and there is much excitement about its application in the Terrai region. Unfortunately it was not very successful in the full-scale Kathmandu experiment, as the ground contained too much clay and some large stones/boulders.
On the training end, there were 8 men representing 7 regions/districts, many in the Terrai, where the pump technology would be of great benefit. The training included in depth knowledge and practical customisation and assembly of the canzee pump, theory on the occurrence, problems (e.g. arsenic and microbes) and treatment of groundwater, theory and practical on the well-jetting technique, theory of developing a small business on scriptural principles, and various other bits and pieces (e.g. housekeeping) that arose from our time on site.
Incidentally, I am copying this message to Mosa Tamang, our long term local partner in Nepal. He will oversee Bijay in any forthcoming enterprise.



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