PALM: Not just another group of young people.

My last blog was in praise of an amazing group of young people from DIT, who took school building by storm in Luvuwu, for two weeks. If you would like to see some picks the link is:
I have just now come across an amazing piece of news from another group of very dedicated young friends of Wells for Zoe; they are called P.A.L.M.
The link to their website is: Please leave a comment.
P.A.L.M Charity says:
The PALM Gig was a huge success, we raised €4,080 for Wells For Zoe. Hope everyone had a savage night. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH”
Just take a look at the link above and again appreciate what young people are doing.
This IS good news and it should be headlining in our Newspapers, on Radio and Tele.
I suppose News is just a place for BAD NEWS and it occupies our media all day every day.
Great thing really is that most of our youth pay little attention to the news!
Thanks guys for all the work, hope you enjoyed it. This is a huge amount of money and will make a significant difference to the lives of so many of the poorest.
Again be assured that ALL the money gets to the village projects: no deductions.
We are humbled


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