Are you a Hoarder?

Are you a hoarder, do you throw away or do you sell on Ebay for someone else to throw away!!
Mary recently decided to put a small advert into our local, Lucan Newsletter looking for wool, thread and any type of needles so that she could bring them to Mzuzu.
Where she works in the Special School in the St John of God Centre, mothers and Grannies bring the Special Ones in the morning and sometimes wait for school to end.
Last year she noticed that they had begun to knit, one teaching the other, often using wool from a worn out woollen garment. As soon as they had knit something they ripped it out and began again; what a waste.
They did it because they had no wool. Caitriona brought a load of wool in June last, thinking she could get knitting needles out there, but no needles to be found.
Knitting has taken off though; hence Mary’s appeal.
Thank God for hoarders. Wool, thread, knitting needles, crochet hooks, buttons, ribbons and other unbelievable ancillary equipment has come from all directions.
And you could write a book about the individual stories (if you could write), the generational transfers, the recalled tearful memories, the joy of knowing that someone else would love the items as much, and they will ten thousand kilometres away.
This is a very real way to help our less well off sisters. It is so much more meaningful than our guilty conscience, sporadic, stab at charity, when the tele shows us some crying child.
You can’t even begin to know the joy of one of these women, when she gets needles and thread of her own. It has the possibility of opening up a whole new world.
Probably a Communion of Saints?


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