Lough Ness Challenge: Wells for Zoe

Found this on my travels. What an amazing crew!!
Howdy folks,

Here’s the info so far on the Nessie Challenge. Have a read and if you are feeling crazy, send us a reply swearing an oath to accept the Nessie Challenge come what may!

The bare facts:

We plan to swim Loch Ness on Sat the 12th of July, Flying out on Friday, coming back on Sunday. We aim to raise money for 2 charities, 1/2 for Wells for Zoe (http://www.wellsforzoe.org) and 1/2 for something closer to home, suggestions are very welcome.

Basically 100% of the money we raise will go directly to the charities and we will fund the trip ourselves. We are aiming to make the cost of the trip to the swimmers/monster-wrestlers as cheap as possible; hopefully the charity+group element will assist us here. A guestimate now is under €200 travel/accom/Nessie Museum etc.

I’m hoping to get a deal on flights from Aer Arann (currently return is about €90). If you know anybody working there please send me on contact details and any embarrassing secrets of theirs ASAP.

Swim info:

  • Loch Ness is 23 miles long (about the distance of the English Channel) and 1 mile(1.6kms) across. This year we plan to swim across.
  • Water temperature in mid July will be about 10-13 degrees (think the 40 foot in end of May/June) but cooler in the middle of the Loch.
  • Triathalon wetsuits are optional. They will help keep you warm and provide some buoyancy, I will arrange a discount for anyone who wants to buy one. Otherwise, you can brave it in speedos, long distance sea swimmers often rub goose fat on themselves for insulation, again this at your own discretion, it is rumoured Nessie eats Geese.
  • Myself and Simo will put together a training schedule which will involve 3/4 swims a week. Starting in May and building to 2kms in the month prior to the event. Following the programme is the key to success, once you have completed all the swims set out in the programme you are 75% there.
  • Pre-training before May is a big help as you will start the programme strongly and will be less susceptible to injury, again we will provide pre-training suggestions.
  • We will have safety boats accompanying us on the day.
  • There will be Hot Scotch, Haggis and a bagpipe player playing “Scotland The Brave” awaiting us at the far side.

Loch Ness info:

  • There is more water in Loch Ness than all the other lakes in England, Scotland and Wales put together.
  • Untill the 1980s it was believed the loch was 750 feet deep, however depths as low as 812 feet have been stumbled upon and it is suggested there could be caves at these dark unexplored depths.
  • We will be swimming directly over these dark unexplored cavernous depths.
  •  The first symptoms of hypothermia are confusion, sleepiness and lack of coordination.
  • In December 1954 a strange sonar contact was made by the fishing boat *Rival III*. The vessel’s crew observed sonar readings of a large object keeping pace with the boat at a depth of 480 feet (146 m). It was detected travelling for half a mile (800 m) in this manner, before contact was lost.
  • Between 1968 and 1972 there were 8 separate sonar contacts with “something” in the Loch
  • There have been 3,000 reported “Nessie” sightings since 1871.

The distance is achievable by a anybody who puts the training in. The cold will be a factor but again the training will prepare us for this. The
pre-historic monster lurking in the depths? You dont really believe that? Do you???

So, the big question is: *Are You Up 4 the Loch Ness Challenge????* (the oath may be in your own words)

Hopefully we have included everybody who expressed an interest in this mail. If any of your pals are interested and not mailed ask them to e-mail me and I will include them in all future mails.

Play Safe now,

Simon “The Torpedo” Torpay

The 40 Foot Walruses Sea-Swimming Club


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