Water as a Contraceptive

Pumps drain farmers of their sexual desire

Lilongwe – Malawi will investigate fears that labour-intensive manual irrigation pumps distributed to poor farmers are hurting their sexual performance. The farmers say using the pump makes them too tired for sex and have voiced their anger to the government. “The government is aware of the problem, the parliamentarian committee on irrigation is also concerned about it and we intend to start probing and finding out if the pumps are really to blame for the problem,” Adrina Mchiela, principal secretary in the Irrigation and Water Development Ministry, told reporters.

The high-capacity treadle pump, touted as a major reason for improved food security in the southern African country, is designed to lift water from shallow wells and surface sources. A farmer weighing between 60kg and 70kg can draw 5 000 litres of water
per hour. The pumps are imported from India and about 100 000 have been handed out to poor farmers over the past three years.


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