DIT student volunteers

DIT in Malawi

To day’s pic comes from Dublin and shows a group of third level students from the Dublin Institute of Technology , who travel to Mzuzu on March 17 for two weeks. They are pictured outside the DIT College on Aungier St.,
I keep repeating myself, young people are wonderful. They will be involved in all the projects and as they say, watch this space, to see what they get up to.
Mary and myself met with them at lunchtime and they have so many ideas and are going with such a positive attitude that Malawi will never be the same again and, of course, neither will they. We are looking forward to working with them, knowing the difference their presence will make to so many lives.

+ve vibes from this group of young people, i will follow their journey with great interest. Lovely image.~ BB

What a lovely group of young people.All the best for Malawi.nice happy blip.~ Jakey

They look like a great bunch. Hope we’ll be seeing more of them.~ G

Good Luck to them all. They look a great group of people. ~ sungsam

DIT Students in Malawi website is: http://www.ditinmalawi.com


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