Minister fails to intervene on witchcraft reports

Malawian villagers have great fear of witches, because they might put a curse on them. I always tell them I am much more afraid of snakes, than witches.
In today’s Nyasa Times Judith Moyo writes:
Some primary school pupils in Kasungu district are suffering silently due to government’s failure to deploy teachers to their schools due to wild witchcraft practices, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Sources have said teachers are reportedly refusing to be deployed to most schools in the district for fear of the alleged witchcraft practices and government is reportedly doing nothing to solve the problem.

A Primary School Education Advisor in the district told Nyasa Times the issue was reported to the Deputy Minister of Education Olive Masanza a long time ago but nothing is being done so far.

“For instance, there is a school called Chigampha Primary which has over 650 pupils but with only two teachers, a headmaster and his deputy,” said the source, who refused to be named.

“Teachers are shunning the school because of the witchcraft being practised by the community there. This issue was reported to Masanza long time ago but she has done nothing, not even visiting the school to appreciate the problems the two teachers and pupils are facing,” she explained.

According to the source, the teachers have even stopped concentrating on their work because of perpetual fatigue and the pupils normally go to school to play and not learn.

“How can two people teach eight classes a day? This is unheard of. Sometimes they only teach one or two lessons a day if not any at all. Moreover, most of the times the pupils just play until knock off time. What type of pupils can you expect to have then?” wondered the school advisor.

Kasungu District Education Manager (DEM) could not be reached for comment as the office telephone was reportedly out of order.

When contacted Masanza said her office had no information on the issue. She said however, she would follow up the matter.


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