New Year Resolutions

What a wonderful World, on a good day

As part of the promotion of our work in Malawi and in order to give rural Malawian people a voice and a face, I try and publish a daily Blip on the website
This site allows anyone to publish a picture each day, which is taken on that day.
This is not as simple as it seems: Harisen Amin takes wonderful pictures anywhere he gets them, usually in the remote villages in which Wells for Zoe operates, in Northern Malawi. He downloads to a memory stick via an old laptop and IF the internet is working he spends, sometimes hours, getting the picture to me.
Snail mail is fast out there.
On a good day technology is magical and our best friend, in that Harisen can take a digital photograph in some of the remotest places in the world, connectivity wise, and an hour later the world can see what village women are doing thousands of miles away. What a wonderful world ON A GOOD DAY.
To day, one of the family of blippers wrote a piece on the notion of New Year resolutions which, with her permission, I will share with you.

I’ve been thinking about New Year Resolutions like most other people do and I don’t think I have ever kept one yet!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be someone else altogether. Sometimes I would like to be someone else altogether!
I have never pretended to be anything other than what I am – I don’t have a “telephone voice”, I don’t treat one person differently to another and I would never make an actress. I don’t put on any act, I just am what I am.

If I make a resolution I shall probably set myself up to fail but I am at least going to try.

I am going to try to be less; to be more moderate; more restrained; not so “full on”!

I wish I wasn’t so sensitive and easily hurt and I wish I wasn’t so outspoken and didn’t jump to conclusions too soon. Sometimes it’s a good thing to act spontaneously but not always.
I wish I didn’t feel emotions so intensely – excitement, anger, despair, inspiration, nostalgia, loneliness, impatience, enthusiasm, humour, fun. I’ve experienced them all to the extreme; reached the depths and the heights. I often think it would be so much easier to be less passionate about things but then I think – if I did I would only feel half alive!

Some people I know find it difficult to express what they feel – it’s never been a problem for me, much more likely the other way round!

I don’t think this resolution is going to last very long!

Happy New Year!

I felt I had to reply as follows

I really love the picture.
Again the words are amazing, could I possibly use them in my blog today on the wells for zoe website: you write so well.
I love the passion in your writing. The world needs passionate people, who are brave enough to be themselves (certainly in Malawi).
You sound like my kind of person, without the moderation or restraint. I feel you are singing my song, but I have no intention of changing.
As humans we are easily hurt. We pass over compliments and often dwell on the negatives.
My answer is to surround myself with positive people in so far as I can. Not those who say yes, but rather think about it
They enable me to be me.
You need to be yourself and only work on the negatives like loneliness, despair and maybe nostalgia. All the excitement is in the future.
Have the New Year you wish for and hopefully now and again I will remind you of who you are, an individual, unique and wonderful creation.

If you would like to See the pictures she takes and the words she writes please go to


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