Parliament summons, Minister for Defence, Khamisa over coupons saga.

Another in the daily sagas on corruption with Fertilizer Coupons from the Nyasa Times
Is this why less than half of our Government approved villagers got their coupons?
Sadly: No fertilizer No maize

Malawi National Assembly has said it will summon Minister of Defence Bob Khamisa to properly explain why he was found with the fertiliser subsidy coupons and who gave him.

This comes barely two days after his party, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), also indicated that it would summon him to seek further clarification on the issue.

Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources Vitus Dzoole Mwale told a local radio his committee would summon the under fire minister to find out the truth of the matter following government’s stand that it is not connected to the issue.

However, the chairperson could not say when Khamisa, who has lately been unwilling to talk to the media claiming it is fixing him to fire, would be summoned.

DPP chairs are too hot now for Khamisa to sit on after he admitted last week to have given United Democratic Front deputy director of research and former minister Phillip Bwanali 400 fertiliser subsidy coupons to carter for his Thyolo North Constituents.

Bwanali claimed in an interview with Capital Radio that he was personally given 2000 coupons by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Binton Kutsaira, though the latter has since refused to say anything on the matter.

However, Bwanali was later arrested by Blantyre Police on suspicion he was in possession of stolen or fake coupons. When he told the police the coupons were genuine and given to him by Khamisa, the police released him unconditionally.

He was nevertheless re-arrested following a directive from President Bingu wa Mutharika and spent six days in cell after being denied bail. Surprisingly, Khamisa is yet to be questioned by police as to where he got the coupons.

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources, the opposition parties and various other sectors have labelled the fertiliser subsidy programme as a mess but government has insisted that the implementation is on track and according to its plan.

Recent media investigations revealed that each minister and loyal DPP members of parliament were given 2000 coupons to be distributed to the party followers.


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