Sinead and John on same song sheet, for Wells for Zoe

Sinead and John on same song sheet
By Barry Egan
Sunday December 16 2007

JOHN WATERS’s book, Lapsed Catholic, about his relationship with God and alcohol, is already on my list to Santa. The thing is, I might need a stiff drink to get through it …
John doesn’t just look like Leonardo da Vinci, he truly is the consummate Renaissance man. The brilliant journalist, columnist and author is also a gifted songwriter. If you ask me, John’s real gift is for living — look at the philosophical spirit in which he took the verdict on his Eurovision entry (remind me again how many times Waiting for Godot was rejected).
All this talk of John has made me a bit philosophical myself. My news is that John has co-written a song for Sinead O’Connor that will be released next March on an album entitled Water For Life to aid the charity Wells For Zoe and I am reliably informed that Baby, Let Me Buy You A Drink, is a Lennonesque classic in the making.
“It is about Ireland and Irish people’s relationship with Africa. It tries to get to the idea that we are in historical terms both hound and hare,” John told me.
“We identify with African countries as a fellow victim but we are also part of the west and in that we are also complicit in the rape of Africa. The song deals with the paradox of that dualism.”
I explain to John that this is possibly the first time in the history of the back page that the phrase “the paradox of dualism” had been printed in a social column. He replies that after writing a song called Baby, Let Me Buy You A Drink — the drink refers to water and clean water in Africa — he is going to pass a law when he becomes Minister For Justice “requiring any song with the word baby in it to be about an actual child younger than 18 months.”
As Sinead might say, Nothing compares to you, John.
– Barry Egan


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