11890 sponsors John Waters

RTE Late Late on Ice 066

Originally uploaded by wellsforzoe

11890 Directory Enquiries, sponsored John Waters in the Late Late Show/ 7Up Christmas on Ice “Celebs on Ice Special”.last night. John’s chosen charity was Wells for Zoe.
The picture shows an 11890 gathering with Irish Times journalist, and author John Waters.
11890 had made a 10,000 euro committment, but such was the entertainment value of his performance that the added another 5000 to an already generous donation.
Having spent the evening with them , they are an amazing group of people, committed, as we ourselves are, to doing things in a different way, often in the face of many obstacles put in our way.
It was reassuring to find that we share a very simple philosophy of serving each customer as a unique individual.
I am proud of their achievements and very positive of their continued success.
In my life to date I have admired strong women, whether they are close like my mother, wife and daughters, illiterate village women in Malawi or the ordinary women I meet every day, who do wonderful things as a matter of course. They just get on with it without wondering why they are not men.
Last night I added another to my list, Nicola Byrne, Managing director of 11890.
You should read what was published in the September 2007 Issue of Irish Entrepreneur at the following link:
Of course you wouldn’t be surprised if you met her father and mother.


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