Girls carrying bricks

Johanna’s ‘Cuties’

Even at this young age, girls in Malawi have to earn their keep, in this case carrying bricks. So taken was Johanna Fitzpatrick, by the cuties that she has included them in her 2008 calandar.

Johanna, Patrick and their family have a sister organisation to Wells for Zoë in Mzuzu (they do complimentary work with many of the same people) and the work they do in association with Fr John Ryan and his parishoners is truely amazing.

You can read about their work and their new Calendar in today’s Irish Examiner.

You can contact them at 021 4343851 or

The name of their organisation is Small Change, but there is nothing small about the changes they are making.
To see more of their work with Fr John Ryan go to


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