Developments at SIFAT

The Canzee pump makes a big impression at SIFAT Conference.

William writes:

Hello Everyone…..

The demonstration of the hand pump at SIFAT went very well. Everyone was excited to see the pump in action. There were 22 adult Christian Community Development Leaders attending the sessions this year. The countries represented were Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Philippines, India, Nigeria, Cameroon, Haiti, Thailand, Uganda, Venezuela, Paraguay, Tanzania, Bolivia and USA. All of the participants were quick to identify the pump as something that was needed in their country. The most asked question was “Where can we get the pumps?”.

After the demonstration, we asked the participants to give us their impression of the pump and make comments. We copied and mailed those comment sheets to you on Thursday, October 18. While it will require more investigation, we believe that several of these community leaders are positioned to help setup “Wells for Zoe” operations in their country. The leaders from Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Nigeria specifically mentioned partnering with “Wells for Zoe” in their comment sheets.

To obtain more exposure, we left the pump demonstration unit and extra footvalves at SIFAT. They continue to have visitors to the Appropriate Technology Demonstration Center all year. In addition, they have a program for school children that brings in about 3,500 visitors each year.

Thanks Again,
William H,


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