What the visitors say

This is a mail I got today, appreciating the work of remote rural illiterate people in Malawi.


My name is Trevor O’Shea and I run Bodytonic Music in Dublin ( http://www.bodytonicmusic.com) . We run various clubnights, music labels and festivals and have a pub with its own office, studio and art gallery . A bunch of us went over to DJ at the Lake of Stars festival recently in Malawi, ( 2 weeks ago) and heard about your charity over there so went to some of the wells and camps your charity has set up . We met Harrison and his beautiful daughter Fatima and they both showed us local communities, a recently built well and a recently tilled field that is already growing crops .

It was all really inspiring to see , plus the real positvity and good nature of the locals was great too . Of all the exciting things we did on our trip ( and we did alot! ) this was the most unforgettable day we had……
Trever goes on with very generous offers of help.
This is wonderful affirmation of someone who put great effort into seeeing the projects.
His help will make a significant difference
Thanks Trev


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