Linking with SIFAT

SIFAT stands for: Servants in Faith And Technology and is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides training in self-help programs for a needy world.
SIFAT offers opportunities for Christians to get involved personally, both to learn from others and to partner with them in missions.
William Hatcher mailed me earlier in the year pointing out similarities in our vision of development. Since then Wells for Zoe have agreed to send two model Canzee pumps to them (One assembled and one not).
Next year we hope to train some of their people in pump making and installation in our new factory in Mzuzu. Hopefully we can learn from their tradition in enterprise. Partnering is the way forward for Africa.
William writes

Hello again John,

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…
Our session at SIFAT is scheduled for October 15th. I know the students will appreciate the information and demonstration about Wells for Zoe and the Canzee Pump. This is the great part about this type training…. they get so excited when they learn something new…especially, something that will help their people “back home”.

A little about my background….
I grew up in a small rural village in Mississippi. I have seen poverty as you have in Ireland, we have “toted” water, we have used dug wells, etc. As a group, we learned from our experiences and have identified ways to “work your way out of poverty”. Our manufacturing experience was in helping a friend grow his business from 30 employees to over 2600. My role was doing the manufacturing operations. In expanding to Europe, we looked at Ireland and finally setup a factory in Corby, U.K. After 20 years in manufacturing, I retired in 1990 and started developing an entrepreneur training program for African Americans for the local Community College. Then we started working with the students at SIFAT.

About three years, I started putting together a digital library of development information that was gleaned from the Internet and other sources. There are now about 10 CD-ROM’s of information in the collection. Usually, the students have access to a computer near their home to view and print the information.

I look forward to working with helping promote Wells for Zoe.


William H.

Please have a look at their website: and see them sharing God’s love in practical ways.


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