Developments at SIFAT

The Canzee pump makes a big impression at SIFAT Conference.

William writes:

Hello Everyone…..

The demonstration of the hand pump at SIFAT went very well. Everyone was excited to see the pump in action. There were 22 adult Christian Community Development Leaders attending the sessions this year. The countries represented were Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Philippines, India, Nigeria, Cameroon, Haiti, Thailand, Uganda, Venezuela, Paraguay, Tanzania, Bolivia and USA. All of the participants were quick to identify the pump as something that was needed in their country. The most asked question was “Where can we get the pumps?”.

After the demonstration, we asked the participants to give us their impression of the pump and make comments. We copied and mailed those comment sheets to you on Thursday, October 18. While it will require more investigation, we believe that several of these community leaders are positioned to help setup “Wells for Zoe” operations in their country. The leaders from Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Nigeria specifically mentioned partnering with “Wells for Zoe” in their comment sheets.

To obtain more exposure, we left the pump demonstration unit and extra footvalves at SIFAT. They continue to have visitors to the Appropriate Technology Demonstration Center all year. In addition, they have a program for school children that brings in about 3,500 visitors each year.

Thanks Again,
William H,

Well in Malawi


This mail came, as a reply to mine thanking Amy for her wonderful photographs of our project areas.
She is a wonderful photographic talent: See for yourself here

Hi John,
Wow, thank you so much for your kind words and compliments!
In fairness it would be difficult to get bad photos where we were.
The day we spent in the villages was amazing, definitely one of the best days we spent in Malawi.
There was such a positive feeling, the work that you and everyone living there has done is fantastic.
I’m delighted that you’re planning to bring some photos over, you must let me know what they all think!
Speak soon hopefully,

I don’t know, and have never met Amy or Trev, but I’m delighted that they met “The Warm Heart of Africa” as Malawi is called, and that they enjoyed their time there.

You should try it!

What the visitors say

This is a mail I got today, appreciating the work of remote rural illiterate people in Malawi.


My name is Trevor O’Shea and I run Bodytonic Music in Dublin ( . We run various clubnights, music labels and festivals and have a pub with its own office, studio and art gallery . A bunch of us went over to DJ at the Lake of Stars festival recently in Malawi, ( 2 weeks ago) and heard about your charity over there so went to some of the wells and camps your charity has set up . We met Harrison and his beautiful daughter Fatima and they both showed us local communities, a recently built well and a recently tilled field that is already growing crops .

It was all really inspiring to see , plus the real positvity and good nature of the locals was great too . Of all the exciting things we did on our trip ( and we did alot! ) this was the most unforgettable day we had……
Trever goes on with very generous offers of help.
This is wonderful affirmation of someone who put great effort into seeeing the projects.
His help will make a significant difference
Thanks Trev

Linking with SIFAT

SIFAT stands for: Servants in Faith And Technology and is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides training in self-help programs for a needy world.
SIFAT offers opportunities for Christians to get involved personally, both to learn from others and to partner with them in missions.
William Hatcher mailed me earlier in the year pointing out similarities in our vision of development. Since then Wells for Zoe have agreed to send two model Canzee pumps to them (One assembled and one not).
Next year we hope to train some of their people in pump making and installation in our new factory in Mzuzu. Hopefully we can learn from their tradition in enterprise. Partnering is the way forward for Africa.
William writes

Hello again John,

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…
Our session at SIFAT is scheduled for October 15th. I know the students will appreciate the information and demonstration about Wells for Zoe and the Canzee Pump. This is the great part about this type training…. they get so excited when they learn something new…especially, something that will help their people “back home”.

A little about my background….
I grew up in a small rural village in Mississippi. I have seen poverty as you have in Ireland, we have “toted” water, we have used dug wells, etc. As a group, we learned from our experiences and have identified ways to “work your way out of poverty”. Our manufacturing experience was in helping a friend grow his business from 30 employees to over 2600. My role was doing the manufacturing operations. In expanding to Europe, we looked at Ireland and finally setup a factory in Corby, U.K. After 20 years in manufacturing, I retired in 1990 and started developing an entrepreneur training program for African Americans for the local Community College. Then we started working with the students at SIFAT.

About three years, I started putting together a digital library of development information that was gleaned from the Internet and other sources. There are now about 10 CD-ROM’s of information in the collection. Usually, the students have access to a computer near their home to view and print the information.

I look forward to working with helping promote Wells for Zoe.


William H.

Please have a look at their website: and see them sharing God’s love in practical ways.

Exposure for the Canzee Pump

Got this in the mail from Richard Cansdale today. Dr Alan MacDonald of the British Geological Survey (BGS) had asked him for a model pump use for information purposes.
It is the BGS open day on Saturday in Edinburgh. We normally have hundreds of people through the doors – a very busy day. We run a groundwater exhibition, which invovles some interactive activities. I was hoping this year to focus on African groundwater issues. I remember in Ghana you had some great examples of your pump for showing people.
Everything arrived – and was excellent. We had about 700 people looking at it. During this coming week it will be demonstrated to a number of Schools.
I should be able to send it back on Friday. I’ll see if I can get some photos to you of it.

Thanks again

Dr Alan MacDonald
Groundwater Programme
British Geological Survey
West Mains Rd
Edinburgh EH9 3LA

A very worthwhile adventure.

Young Bands in Action for W4Z

I recently got a mail from Gearóid ó Dea asking if we would like his group P.A.L.M to run a music gig at the Village to raise funds for Wells for Zoe. This was a wonderful and exciting offer. Caitriona went along to the gig on behalf of W4Z and had a great night, enthused by the energy and support of the bands and the crowd.
Financially, it was a huge success and the lives of many poor rural Malawians will be changed forever as a result. For this we thank everyone concerned and involved in the night.

I have sneaked some information on one of the bands who were very involved with the P.A.L.M gig, KILLER CHLOE who were Signature band on the night

This up and coming local four-piece is gearing to take the Undergroung scene by storm. After a string of Dublin gigs, including The Village,Eamon Dorans and The Voodoo Lounge, the group are already creating quite a following. Their debut EP was released earlier this year and was very well recieved. KILLER CHLOE, one to watch in 2008.

Singer/song writer: Rose O’Reilly

With an impressive debut EP, serveral European outings and an ever growing fan-base this Irish Rose is enjoyng great early success. Now, Rose O’Reilly is moving further, already planning a small US tour.

Headline band from the P.A.L.M Gig The Coronas

Established pop-rock four piece. Check out

Singer/song writer: Gillian Ryder

The refreshing, soulful sound of Gillian Ryder has brought this young talent to much attention. Her debut EP is hitting shelves soon. Check for more details