Trees can do it!

“Deforestation threatens ecological stability and food production in Malawi” and the solution reduces Global warming
Life in rural Malawi depends on trees. Almost 100% of their total energy use is supplied by trees. Sometimes they use a little paraffin for lighting. Therefore firewood is the number one priority use for trees.
Unsustainable harvesting has contributed to severe deforestation, which causes environmental degradation and often desertification, destroying wildlife and habitats. For the people living in these areas, deforestation results in hunger, thirst and fuel shortages. The increased soil erosion and reduced retention of rainwater seriously damage subsistence farmers’ ability to grow enough food to eat and to sustain their livelihoods. And lack of firewood affects people’s health and nutrition because of the cost of cooking food.
If managed in a sustainable fashion, trees can provide long-term environmental and economic benefits for those willing grow them. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, fertilise soil, prevent erosion, and help to absorb rainwater, whilst at the same time providing fuel, food, fodder, compost, building materials and even medicines from their wood, leaves and fruit.
Wells for Zoe, in association with the University of Mzuzu are planning to put a high priority on sustainable tree planting in the coming year, planting a wide variety of appropriate trees. For the past year we have been researching Moringa, a multi purpose variety, sometimes called a miracle tree. We are examining a wide range which can de used as a food or fodder source, as a source of traditional medicines, as well as providing wood for energy. Others like the Neem tree can be used as insecticides and medicines.
Trees also contribute significantly to soil and water conservation, and have the potential to change local microclimates
It is possible to reverse the trend towards deforestation. The communities working with Wells for Zoe are doing this work already. Last year they planted 20,000 trees and we have great plans for the future.
I haven’t mentioned removal of Carbon Dioxide, but longterm tree planting schemes have the potential to take endless tons of Carbon from the atmosphere, in the form of CO2, and fix in the wood of trees. When we have established a verification technique with the University, we will be offering our services to the world.
It is amazing that this process can arrest desertification and reduce Global warming at the same time. Definitely a win-win scenario, and it doesn’t cost the earth


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