Without Seeds we can’t solve World Starvation

The Malawi food security problem will not be solved with money , but with seeds for appropriate crops!
One out of two people in the world today live on less than €2 a day while 1 billion people live on less than €1 a day. Many of these people are hungry and do not have enough money to buy the food they need. I agree that food aid is essential in famine situations, but is not a good long term solution to hunger.
Part of a better long term solution to hunger is to help people produce some of the food they consume. This strategy not only helps feed hungry people but increases their self-esteem, and self-sufficiency.
In a village, when I ask why they don’t sow a second crop each year, they tell me that they can’t get or can’t afford the seeds.
So we would like to beg, borrow (or dare I say it), steal some seeds. (loads of them)
When we get up and running we will set up a seed bank, so we can give seeds to others.


5 thoughts on “Without Seeds we can’t solve World Starvation

  1. hey i was just wondering how much of th worlds foo is from seeds because it would be really good to say that in my project about seeds and i allready know that the average strawberry contains 200 tiny black seeds and ive only been searching 5 min

  2. When I said seeds I really meant whatever is needed for propagation. In the case of strawberries, the runners (sideshoots) are used for propagation rather than the seeds or in the case of potato, the tuber is planted rather than the seeds.
    Our ambition at wellsforzoe is th encourage people to return to some of the lost African crops as indicated at the following link.
    In terms of numbers we have just ordered 1000 packs of seeds from the US. Things like Cabbage, Onions, Carrots, Beet, Tomato, Peppers, Soya, Beans, Herbs for pest control,Cantiloupe, Mustard, Squash, Kale, Cucumber, Eggplant and Watermelon

  3. “Part of a better long term solution to hunger is to help people produce some of the food they consume.”

    Do you have any figures on this? I tend to think while people can probably home-grow their micronutrient needs, staying above near-starvation w/r/t macronutrients seems awfully difficult. I tend to think we’re all going to be eating less shortly… as someone said, we’ve basically been turning oil agricultural inputs into people.

    That, and subsistence farming is tremendously inefficient–the labor-hours that go into it are hours that might be used producing more value and refined goods, etc.

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