The Good News or the Bad News

The good news first is that we finally managed to buy a second hand jeep and as of June 12 Harisen Amin has beed appointed Wells for Zoe’s, Man in Malawi.

His previous post was, as a driver, with St John of God Services in Mzuzu. Over the next few posts you will all discover that he is no ordinary driver, even though he is excellent and treats the jeep like it was the only one in the world.
He is married to Charity and has one 5 year old daughter Fatima.
A quick look at, will also show that he is an excellent, self taught, photographer, which we feel is a vital part of our operation. We need to be able to show our donors what we are doing on almost a daily basis

He will be in charge of all day to day operations:
He has already started the micro credit scheme, in the villages of Eciweni, with the first delivery of chickens arriving on July 7.
He brought the co op leaders to see his own chickens and tought them how to look after them.
Funding is also in place for many and varied horticultural and forestry projects.
In Sonda he has introduced fish forming for the first time, releasing 400 chambo into the irrigation dam. The email tells the story

I went to the Fisheries and bought 400 fish which I put in Sonda’s dam. The guys are very happy of the development.
Fish has a good market here in Mzuzu and we can as well try it. We are going to harvest them after 6 months.
Find attached pictures.
Regards to Mary and the family.

An e-mail brought the sad news as well:

Just some pictures from Sonda and Doroba.
People are in desperate need of clean water.
Harisen. tells the story

And this one is the response

Harisen will make a significant difference to the lives of all those he serves, because he cares.

Everyone loves him, and so will you


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