New fishery development at Sonda


The dam at Sonda now has a dual function, irrigation and Fish rearing.

The fish are Chambo, native only to Malawi.

The daily progress is recorded at

The pic show a new stage of our development at Sonda. The following is Harison’s mail.


I went to the Fisheries and bought 400 fish which I put in Sonda’s dam. The guys are very happy of the development.

Fish has a good market here in Mzuzu and we can as well try it. We are going to harvest them after 6 months.

Find attached pictures.

Regards to Mary and the family.


The dam was built, from soil, by the 4 men of the co op in April to irrigate the crops. I might add, at no cost to Wells for Zoe, except some advice and encouragement.
My suggestion about the fish has obviously been taken on board. It’s wonderful.
I’d love to be there, but my daughter Caitriona is enjoying the celebrations!
So watch this space.


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