A lesson in survival

Sunday 10 June 2007 : Kevin’s first taste of Tumbuka

A morning trip to Ecaiweni, 18 km North West of Mzuzu, where a group of 22 women, 3 years ago, brought their seven village chiefs together to ask for land because their communities were starving. Three years later they have taken, Wells for Zoë, on board to further develop their programme.

The pic shows Kevin taking notes from Chisa Jere, the village headman (and interpreter) and Boyce, who I call the Professor of Composting and Propagation.

The co-op now represents 7 villages, where 22 women and 8 men work on a small piece of dimba, where they grow, mainly, three varieties of sweet potato. We are supporting them, by way of zero interest micro credit, to build a dam for irrigation, with crop development, chicken rearing and marketing. The group divide half the crop and distribute the other half among the old and the orphans.

They don’t want Aid, just a little support.

They have nothing, but are truely amazing people.


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