Our First Wells for Zoë Volunteers

The Planning Meeting Tuesday 29 May 2007 : Wells for Zoë Volunteers

Caitríona O’Connor, Caitríona Coyne and Kevin Brennan, prepare for their first trip to Mzuzu on Tuesday next. They are three second level teachers in Dublin, who will spend most of June in Northern Malawi.

Their main focus will be in the child development Centre of St John of God, working with the intelectually and physically challenged children in the primary school, and with the Umosa Project for street childen.

They are just as full of energy as they look, even though the school term only ends on Monday next. Listening to the planning, it looks as if Mzuzu will never be the same again, with academic and sporting activities.

Kevin, who teaches engineering, will also be involved with a masters student (Ian Sutton, from Cranfield University, UK) in the area of low cost well drilling techniques for use in the villages where Wells for Zoë do their work.

They will all be involved with the irrigation, agriculture and micro credit projects in the more remote villages, supporting, encouraging and bringing some goodies.

Clothes are being weighed and restricted to enable more educational games and the likes to be brought out.

Watch this space for pics of their progress.


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