The Irish Army to the rescue

Thursday 24 May 2007 : The Irish Army to the rescue

Wells for Zoë’s Mary Coyne features again, this time inspecting vehicles at Custom Barracks, Athlone, beside the river Shannon.
On his return from Malawi, John Waters, the Irish Times journalist, made a request to the Irish Army for some help with transport.
The response was immediate and positive: they would make a request to the Department of Defence for a donation of three vehicles.

Today we travelled to Athlone to see the prized gift, three Nissan Patrols, with a comment from the mechanic: “the engines are indestructible”.
They have served the army well and hopefully can do the same for the poor, rural farmers in the Mzuzu area.
That’s all very well if they could fly, but its the Army after all, not the Airforce.

Watch this space for the colour change (we don’t want to be seen as an invading force), followed by a logistical battle.
Any bright ideas? It’s only 10 or 15,000 km!! by road, popping over a few pools of water, a few border crossings and some high temperature stints.
Let the fun begin……………..

We have already got volunteers to drive. We need sponsorship and support!.


2 thoughts on “The Irish Army to the rescue

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  2. Those things will last forever and will go over everything, a very good vehicle. Good stuff outta the Army for giving them away after their service life, after all they’d just be scrapped if nothing were done with them.

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