Kevin with the brown envelopes!

Kevin with the brown envelopes!

The picture shows Kevin Brennan, who teaches engineering at Castleknock Community College, Dublin, Ireland who will travel to Malawi on June 5 to do three weeks voluntary work with Wells for Zoë.
His school held a non uniform day today and raised in excess of 2600 Euro. Half of the proceeds go to the Irish Handicap Childrens Pilgrimage Trust and Kevin brings the other half to Lucan, to support our work in Mzuzu, a very welcome sight indeed.
Kevin will team up with Ian Sutton, a masters student, from Cranfield University in the UK, whose thesis is based on low tech drilling techniques.
Note the green and red are not only the colours of the Malawi flag, but also the colours of his native County Mayo. I suspect some young Malawians will be playing Gaelic Football by the end of June.
The picture comes from our new Phlog (photo log) on which will hopefully give a photographic record of some of our work.


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